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Jul 4, 2023


Viraji Ogodapola

Furthering our commitment to being the forerunner in providing the best of cybersecurity solutions, eBuilder Security now introduces employee training through Complorer – an automated Security Awareness Training product offered with the Managed Services model for safeguarding the lifeblood of your organization, your employees.

Security vulnerabilities are concealed in all systems, across multiple devices over different platforms through varying roles that engage with the organization. A single loophole in the process, a minor flaw within the security system, and/or a simple shortcoming on the part of the human resource could have the potential to trigger a detrimental security breach that compromises your system in its entirety.

Even with the best of systemized security measures in place, this means that you are still susceptible to inadvertent actions of the human component of your setup. In that sense, the whole of your security organization is only as good as the naivest clickbait victim in your organization. Not if you have taken appropriate measures to brace your staff duly with due vigilance though.

Your security awareness program requires constant surveillance, adherence to compliance requirements, continuous assessment, and maintaining cybersecurity best practices. Internally, this translates into dedicated personnel working on multiple processes consuming considerable amounts of time and resources. Further, not all organizations are equipped with the right expertise that the dynamic volatile landscape of cybersecurity demands.

eBuilder Security’s Complorer helps you combat all of the above quandaries in a single strike.

Complorer – Safeguarding the Digital Explorers

Treading the precarious waters of cyberspace in the post-pandemic era, we are maneuvering with an increase in remote work, cloud usage, AI, and IoT inherent technologies that expand the potential scope for cyberattacks by many fold.

As cited by Forbes’ Most Critical Cybersecurity Trends of 2023, phishing and social engineering attacks remain alarmingly prevalent in 2023 as well, making employee awareness and training a crucial part of the risk mitigation plan.

Filling the void in the dearth of smart options available for organizations, eBuilder Security presents Complorer, a convenient awareness training program carefully designed to guide employees with minimal disruptions to routine operations. 

Role Based Nano Training

So you’ve got mail. The red-alerted company-wide “for your attention” email on security awareness from last week still needs to be read in full. Scurrying your focus through the most important activities for the day is a Herculean task much underrated now. In the age of perpetual information overload, it helps to have just the right information you need, filtered by your role. That’s what we do with our role-based nano training.

Complorer Security Awareness comprises training material tailored for different employee roles such as that of the receptionist, HR personnel, customer representative, executive etc. on top of the regular awareness training as a whole. Each of the specific roles is faced with different types of risks as their interactions with people and systems vary based on the tasks they carry out. Unassuming threats too loom about high and wide in varied guises within these same routine tasks.

Complorer presents specific awareness training that helps each of the job roles with additional training material adhering to compliance requirements like NIS2. With specifically tailored training, each job role is then able to identify the distinct threats they are exposed to in their regular work.

Automated Phishing Testing

Phishing and social engineering attacks manipulate individuals through deceit and often seep through security filters in place directly approaching individuals via emails, and social media, as responses to posts, legitimate services, advertisements, etc.

Complorer’s automated phishing testing and targeted attack simulations help your employees learn how to navigate through many a bait in digital waters unscathed.

Hands-on Training with Your Hands Freed!

eBuilder Security’s Complorer is a comprehensive training service providing hands-on training for the employees while unburdening yourself from training administration and management, i.e., freeing yourself to proceed with your routine operations unhindered.

Designed by the best of expertise in the domain, we have incorporated effective visual and auditory learning techniques into our training modules, with the content available in different formats covering visual, audio, and text based learning methods. 

Well-acquainted with the regional demand for local language driven training, our sessions are also available in multiple languages.

Progress Tracking

The training process and its progress can conveniently be tracked at a glance via our dashboards. Complete with reporting functionality, dashboards track compliance and depict vital statistics of the training progress daily.

Tracking training progress – screenshot of eBuilder Complorer dashboard  

Contact Us 

Offering you the best of expertise in the field at highly competitive and affordable prices, Complorer powered by eBuilder Security presents you with scalable training plans that meet your requirements just right.  

With its time tested expertise in the domain, eBuilder Security prides itself in excelling at shielding enterprises from falling prey to vicious cybercrimes, preventing cyberattacks before they ever happen.

Get in touch with us today and start your security awareness training journey with Complorer.  

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